What are the symptoms of allergic rhinitis?

You have been prescribed with Dymista® because you suffer from allergic rhinitis.

Symptoms of allergic rhinitis include a blocked nose, snezzing, itchy and runny nose, and red, itchy, watery eyes. Seasonal allergic rhinitis is commonly referred to as hay fever has been increasing during the last 20 years, and today approximately 500 million people in Europe suffer from allergic rhinitis. The first symptoms often occur in childhood or adolescence. The most common allergy provoking pollens come from birch-or grass, but many other kinds of trees and plants can also cause symptoms.

Allergic rhinitis cannot be cured, though many people will outgrow their allergy and patients may find some years it is better than others. With the treatments such as Dymista® you can enjoy a good quality of life, during the pollen season for hay fever sufferers and all year round for perennial allergic rhinitis sufferers.

Symptoms of allergic rhinitis can include


Sneezing (with many sneezes in a row)

Runny and
congested nose

Itchy throat/

Swollen, itchy, red and irritated eyes