Suitable for long term use

Dymista® is suitable for long-term use

For perennial allergic rhinitis patients to get the full therapeutic benefit, regular use of treatment is essential. With Dymista®, the duration of treatment should correspond to the period of allergenic exposure and Dymista® is suitable for long-term use'

A 52-week open-label study showed Dymista® has a large therapeutic spectrum, covering not only seasonal allergic rhinitis but also perennial allergic rhinitis with consistent superiority over an intranasal certicostemid2

Fluticasone propionate when delivered in a nasal spray exerts a topical effect without systemic effects due to low systemic bioavailabitlity3

Systemic absorption is negligible with mometasone furoate, fluticasone furcate and fluticasone propionate. Systemic absorption is modest for the remainder, and high for betamethasone which should be used short-term only.


FIGURE: Bioavailability of intranasal corticosteroids. The more recent molecules have little systemic uptake and are suitable for long-term therapy. Adapted from Scudding et al. 20173

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