Convenient & effective symptom control

Convenient & effective symptom control

We need to manage allergic rhinitis as effectively as we can. Dymista® provides rapid symptom relief across the entire rhinitis spectrum1, allowing the patient to continue with everyday life.

Real life symptom control

The efficacy of Dymista® has been confirmed in a real life study1

In real life, Dymista® reduced the VAS score from 75.4mm at baseline to 21.3mm by the last visits, a shift of 54.1 mm. One in every two patients felt their symptoms were well controlled at day 4 2


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  2. Klimek L et at Effectiveness of MP29-02 For the treatment of allergic rhinitis in real-life: Results from a noninterventional study. Allergy Asthma Proc 2015;36:40-47.

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